Effective Homemade Rat Poison Recipe

Rat is a shy creature. They choose to get out of their homes late at night in search of food when they are sure humans are sleeping. Most people even do not know they are living at home. They get to know when they find their dropping or teeth mark on the food.

People who have rats in their home and want to get rid of them they can follow the given method in which we have shared different homemade poisons.

What ingredients do you need to make a rat poison? 

To make a homemade poison, you need the following ingredients:

1- Gloves (disposable)

2- Chicken broth

3- Cornmeal or flour

4- Powdered chocolate milk or sugar

5- Boric acid

6- Baking soda

7- Plaster of Paris

8- Jar lids

Boric acid rat poison 

  1. Use gloves to avoid skin irritation.
  2. Take a bowl and add one cup of boric acid. Now add chicken broth into the boric acid, add tsp at one time and mix them well. Start mixing this material until it did not get thick. The martial is ready to use. The odor of broth helps to attract the rats, but the boric acid helps humans to kill the rats.
  3. Now take some of the material and start making balls. Place the balls into the container.
  4. Use the balls in the area that rats are using the most. You can also place the balls in the area that contain dropping.
  5. Now, wait for the next 24 hours to see the dead rats.

Baking soda rat poison 

  1. Wear plastic gloves.
  2. Take a bowl and add one cup of flour or cornmeal. Now take one cup of sugar or chocolate powdered. Mix them well. Now add one cup of baking soda. Mix the material, so they look alike. The sugar or chocolate smell is helpful in attracting the rats while the baking soda is effective in killing them.
  3. Fill the jar with rat bait.
  4. Now set these jar in the affected area and the area where you have seen the fresh dropping.
  5. Now, wait to see the dead bodies of rats in the next 24 hours.

Plaster of Paris rat poison 

  1. Use your disposable gloves
  2. Now take a bowl and add one cup of flour, one cup of sugar or chocolate powder and one cup of plaster of Paris. Mix them very well, or you can use the blender to get the uniform consistency. The smell of chocolate and sugar attracts rats to eat the bait. While the plaster of Paris is used to kill the rats.
  3. Add this bait into the jar lids.
  4. Place this bait near to the fresh dropping or the place which rats are using as a shelter.
  5. Watch the area carefully to watch the dead rat. You will get the result within the next 12-15 hours. There is also a possibility they may die outside the house so you can confirm their absence by watching the dropping. If there is no fresh dropping, it means they no longer exist in your home.

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